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Missed opportunities by the numbers

1 Missed Phone Call = $5,000 Average Case Value 12 Months = $60,000 Missed Revenue

All-Star Dental Academy is doing great things. They are helping practices focus on customer service and how to schedule more effectively. Every practice should have All-Star Dental Academy training installed alongside their practice management software.

- Dr. Lorne Lavine, CEO of the Digital Dentist

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Dental Consultant Larry Guzzardo

“Being busy isn't the same as being productive. My goal is to help dentists practice better dentistry.”- Larry Guzzardo

Dental Practice Consulting

“If you are looking for a way to incorporate high quality, comprehensive care into your practice, Larry is your man. He knows how to integrate the principles of occlusion and rehabilitation into practical systems that will work. He changed my life.”

- Lola Giusti DDS, San Raphael, California

Speaking Engagements


Greet Patients So They’ll Want To Meet You

Don't take greeting patients for granted. A proper greeting welcomes your patients into your practice and makes them glad to meet you. Everyone likes the feeling they get when they walk into a place and they feel someone was expecting…Read More

Scheduling Production Killers

In a dental practice, we have to do a lot of things in a short period of time. Scheduling is important because if we're going to get them most out of our day, it has to be planned and it…Read More

Somebody Get the Phone! Professional Phone Skills for the Professional Practice

Don’t dread having to take another call. Savvy professionals know how to make every phone conversation count. You too can learn their secrets in getting callers to schedule an appointment, prevent broken appointments, and even get their friends to call…Read More

The Complete Care Dental Practice

Stop wrestling with the confusing steps to implement complete care into your practice. This course will simplify the steps proven necessary to transition your current systems so you can practice dentistry efficiently and profitably. Your entire team will be inspired…Read More

Time is Money : Eliminate those BA’s and CA’s

Broken appointments (BA's) and changed appointments (CA's) are an expensive drain on the practice. Understanding "why" they occur is an essential first step in reducing and possibly, eliminating them. The second step is to learn how to prevent them and…Read More

Winning Patient Acceptance of Fine Dentistry

The essence of practice building is motivating patients to choose your dental team for fine dentistry. Meeting patient needs and desires is the key, yet discovering those needs and wants isn't always easy. Treatment acceptance requires effective interviewing and communication…Read More

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About Larry

Larry Guzzardo is a highly sought after dental practice consultant and international speaker. His skill and talent is offering practical, common sense solutions to improve dental practice productivity. In addition to his consulting business, Larry is co-founder of All-Star Dental Academy, an online training and certification program designed to improve scheduling processes and enhance the patient experience. He is also a faculty member at the Dawson Academy. Larry has delivered countless presentations including, “Winning Patient Acceptance of Fine Dentistry,” “Working with You is Tearing Us Apart,” and “The Leadership Challenge.”

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Larry Guzzardo Dental Consultant & Scheduling Specialist