The specific goals of each dentist are unique, but the overall theme is the same: practice better dentistry.

Larry Guzzardo is one of the industry’s leading dental consultants. With nearly 30 years of experience, Larry offers a hands-on coaching program tailored to the individual needs and goals of each dental practice. “It’s not a cookie cutter process,” says Larry. “The philosophy is always the same, but the way the program is implemented is a little bit different from one dentist to another.”

Dental Practice Management Consulting

Larry’s practice management program is geared towards dentists who want to develop a patient-centered practice. In addition to analyzing the business side, he takes the time to understand what you want for your dental practice, as well as your personal life. Then, he creates structures that will allow you to practice more of the dentistry you enjoy and achieve the lifestyle you want.

Success Story: “I enjoy dentistry more, work less time..and have more balance in my life”

Andrew Cobb DDS“When I first started at the Dawson Center I knew I wanted to change the way I practiced dentistry. The difficult part was transforming my existing practice into the Dawson model.

Fortunately for me, I met Larry and he guided me every step of the way. He helped me improve every aspect of my practice including staffing. Just like Dr. Dawson said, I enjoy dentistry more, work less time, produce more, and have more time for balance in my life.

Without Larry’s guidance I know I wouldn’t have been able to make the necessary changes.”

– Andrew Cobb, DDS, Washington, D.C.

Learn More About the Dental Practice Consulting Program

Larry Guzzardo personally conducts all dental practice management consultation programs. The 12 to 18 month program includes a comprehensive analysis, a targeted, in-office training day to meet the practice’s most pressing needs, support through monthly coaching, and four follow-up, in-office training days.


Step 1: Research (prior to the visit) (20 hours approximate)

  • Doctor surveys*
  • Staff surveys*
  • Patient surveys*
  • Composite patient profile*all surveys are confidential

Step 2: Data Collection (patients are seen as scheduled)

  • Consultant observation (4-8 hours in office)
  • Practice statistics collection (management and marketing)
  • Chart audit
  • Treatment acceptance monitoring
  • Staff interviews and evaluation
  • Doctor interview
  • Facility utilization evaluation
  • Systems analysis
  • Financial status evaluation (profit and loss analysis)
  • Economic model development
  • Fee Analysis

Step 3: Analysis and Work-up
Analysis and research data is utilized by consulting team to plan results-oriented strategy for accomplishment of practice goals.

Step 4: Consultation (2-3 hours)
Analysis findings and plan presented and discussed with Doctor prior to training.

PRESENTATION AND TRAINING (5-8 hours in office, no patients seen for the day)

  • A training day is presented with the entire staff and Doctor.
  • During session, the entire team will realize and choose the Doctor’s “vision” and plan for the future.
  • Training focuses on the concerns the practice analysis revealed as the most immediate practice needs.

CONSECUTIVE 12 MONTHS: (following in-office consultation)

  • Written report to follow within 2-4 weeks of training.
  • Practice Vital Signs statistics to be faxed or mailed to consultant by the 5th of each month for telephone consultation and support.
  • Coaching support for action plan implementation is available to entire team and Doctor as needed.
  • Minimum of 12 scheduled appointments with the Doctor (1 per month) are required.

FOLLOW-UP RE-EVALUATION AND TRAINING (6-8 hours in office, no patients seen for the day)

  • Four (4) follow-up reevaluation and training days are presented with the entire staff and Doctor on four individual visits to your office.
  • Review the progress in relation to the implementation of the action plan created at the initial training session.
  • Evaluate the accomplishment of goals for the practice.