“Larry’s consulting has reduced my stress and that of our team. He empowered my staff, reduced our AR to less than 1 month of production, and raised our production. He also helped to decrease the chaos of the office and increased patient satisfaction. All of this was done on fewer work days and fewer work hours per day. It is the best investment I have ever made. Larry’s program has provided my office superior business systems. The ramifications of their implementation will last for the rest of my career.”

Wyn D. Steckbauer, DMD
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

“In 2002 Larry did a thorough evaluation of my practice. He set up systems and guidelines for me and my staff and carefully left me with a checklist of improvements to pursue in an effort to reach the goals I had stated in our initial meeting. In the last few years I have completed most of that list and I find myself very happy in my new environment. I am presenting and implementing complete dental care to my patients and walking away from my practice each night feeling in control of my business and the dentistry that I am producing.”

Thank you Larry!

Fred Marra DMD,MAGD
Albany, New York

“If you are looking for a way to incorporate high quality, comprehensive care into your practice, Larry is your man. He knows how to integrate the principles of occlusion and rehabilitation into practical systems that will work. He changed my life.”

Lola Giusti DDS
San Raphael, California

“I have had the pleasure of working with Larry for the past few years; he has a great ability in helping dentists develop top-notch practices emphasizing quality dentistry. The biggest complement I can pay Larry is…all the clients I have referred him have become more profitable as of a result of working with him!”

Andres Romero, CFP
Atlanta, Georgia

“Highly effective…very motivational.”

Brian Gowasack, DDS
Covington, Georgia

“When I first started at the Dawson Center I knew I wanted to change the way I practiced dentistry. The difficult part was transforming my existing practice into the Dawson model. Fortunately for me, I met Larry and he guided me every step of the way. He helped me improve every aspect of my practice including staffing. Just like Dr. Dawson said, I enjoy dentistry more, work less time, produce more, and have more time for balance in my life. Without Larry’s guidance I know I wouldn’t have been able to make the necessary changes. Thanks, Larry!”

Andrew Cobb, DDS
Washington, D.C.

“Working with Larry was amazing. While I had learned advanced dental skills and had good rapport with patients, I had no idea how to manage a growing practice and inspire my staff. He helped me to implement systems, develop leadership skills and the confidence to implement them. He even guided me through the challenge of remodeling my office space. Larry motivated me to be the best I can be in all facets of my dental practice and personal life. He is a great “coach” and friend to my family. I will be forever grateful to him.”

Dorothy Distelhorst, DDS
Vail, Colorado

“…the guidance you gave all of us today was AWESOME! It was such a great meeting, THANKS A BUNCH!!!”

Robin Crawford, Business Office
Colin Richman, DDS
Roswell, Georgia

“Over the previous twelve years, our office has used the management consulting services of Larry Guzzardo multiple times. He has the ability to quickly analyze a dental practice in terms of production, profitability and potential. His recommendations and coaching resulted in moving our practice to new levels of production as well as profitability. These changes were accomplished in a low stress manner due to Larry’s ability to communicate and relate to dental staff members. I would strongly recommend his professional services.”

J. Barry Stovall DDS
Fort Worth, Texas

“Great presentation, well informed on subject presented. You gave some points that could definitely be beneficial to our practice.”

Vonda K. Hester, DMD
Conyers, Georgia

“Larry is a good consultant who brings the issues out in a clear, concise manner.”

Edward D. Morrison, President
Morrison Dental Associates

“Larry Guzzardo is the best consultant I have ever been associated with in my 12 years of practicing dentistry. He customizes his systems and ideas for what is best for your practice, not the same cookie cutter approach for all practices. He first gets to know what your goals are (personal and professional), and what is important to you. Based on that input he designs his plan for your practice, so that you meet your goals and enjoy practicing dentistry again. The most impressive thing about Larry is that is a constant student and consistently strives to improve his craft. He is not only taking courses, but also writing articles and lecturing to other dental professionals.”

Philip K. Talley, DDS
Atlanta, Georgia

“Right on target, up-to-date, and right to the point!”

Laurie F. Sikes, RDH

“Larry Guzzardo has been my managerial consultant since the fall of 1998. He was able to customize his management service for me, my staff and my patients. His management style is easily adaptable for any office. He was able to transform my practice from a hectic inefficient office to an efficient, profitable, state of the art practice. Larry positively impacted my practice as well as my personal life.”

J. Stephen Hoard, DDS and Staff
New Bern, North Carolina

“Larry is very effective in explaining how his ideas and philosophy would work in our individual practice. I enjoyed the presentation and learned several things. Your ideas and comments seemed very practical and useful. I do feel that they will help me in our practice.”

Lisa Brown, business office

“It seemed to me that Mr. Guzzardo had been sitting in our office observing! Really enjoyed the seminar and feel empowered again!”

Faye Jenkins, business office

“Thanks for your enthusiasm. I feel we have the tools to improve…”

Linda Blackstone, business office

“In my 30 years of practice, I have found that it is just as important to continually enhance practice management skills as it is to refine clinical skills. Seminars and courses have proven somewhat helpful, but we’ve achieved our most tangible results through the in-house service that Larry Guzzardo has provided for us. We have benefited greatly from Larry’s careful analysis of our practice, his periodic instructional visits, and his monthly phone consultations. Drawing from his years of experience in the dental field, Larry has provided us with very insightful advice and practical suggestions on matters ranging from internal marketing to patient scheduling to staff benefits. One of the most useful results of his efforts has been the creation of a very comprehensive staff manual for our office. Every topic in this manual was carefully crafted for our specific office. Larry’s straightforward, credible nature generates solid confidence and trust. He has come to be viewed as a reliable advisor, not only by me, but by our entire staff, as well…All of us have come to appreciate his candid input on any matters regarding our practice. I would highly recommend Larry Guzzardo to any dentist who is seeking solutions to specific practice challenges, or who is simply striving to improve the overall quality of the practice experience.”

W. Greg Hayes, DDS
Decatur, Georgia

“Excellent information. Larry is able to keep topics interesting and engaging.”

Jessica Wadsworth, RDH

“I love him! He is a great teacher.”

Katrina A. Payne, RDH

“Lots of very practical information. Clear, concise information…takes the mystery out of working as a team.”

Sheila Day, RDH

“Yesterday was just what the doctor ordered. The business office staff was on top of the world today, like a huge anchor had been taken off of them.”

Donald A. Alexander, DDS
Jacksonville, Florida